Security Camera

Our security experts are highly skilled in installing elaborate surveillance systems to ensure the you can clearly see every square inch of your building inside and out. We recommend Vivotek for all of our installations. Video captured by this equipment is unsurpassed. One of the main differences in this type of system and one you can purchase at a big box retailer is the clarity. The assurance that if you need to review video, you will be able to see clearly what you are looking for.  The options are endless, with over 150 types of cameras available we can fit you with exactly the rightRead More →

Amsec Residential Safe

Installing a safe in your home or business can protect you from loss due to theft or fire.   A properly installed  fire resistant safe adds an extra layer of protection should break in or fire occur.  Important documents, money, firearms, and jewelry are items typically not covered under a standard insurance policy and some of the hardest items to replace.   There are various types of safe ratings.  We will discuss with you what your needs and concerns are to determine which rating is best for you.  We carry a large supply of new and used safes.  You may stop in and pick oneRead More →


We stock key blanks for literally thousands of key types. Duplicate keys start at $2.50 each.